Teenage Bubblegums – Days Of Nothing LP

Image of Teenage Bubblegums – Days Of Nothing LP


Monster Zero ‎(MZ52)

10 track Vinyl LP. Second Pressing.

Remember when Teenage Bubblegums were this cuddly three-piece from Italy cranking out nothing but lovesongs? Well, those days are over. They're still a three-piece, they're still Italian, but love is a thing of the past. Angry and sad, they deliver their new masterpiece 'Days Of Nothing', 10 short and fast tracks about heartache, betrayal, disappointment en more shitty stuff. Turn it up loud and rip those posters off the wall, love is pain. Recorded and produced by Alex Bounty (Veterans), artwork
by Mass from Manges, delivered to you by Monster Zero.

A1 - Got It
A2 - Hard On Myself
A3 - These Walls
A4 - Poison
A5 - I Don't Pretend
B1 - Fine
B2 - American Girl
B3 - Sorrows
B4 - Remains
B5 - No Matter What

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