The Apers - S/T LP (colour vinyl)

Image of The Apers - S/T LP (colour vinyl)


Asian Man Records ‎(AM-222)

12 track Colour Vinyl LP (the copies fo sale here are all somewhere between sludgy pink and pale purple with brown bits if that helps at all).

Reissue of the debut LP from The Apers and choc full of pop punk classics. If you like Euro pop punk and don't own this, now's the time. Seriously, this is one of the best of the Euro pop punk scence. Have I said "Euro pop punk" enough yet?

A1 - It's OK To Hate Me
A2 - Sunshine
A3 - Eyes Open Wide
A4 - Only The Grim Reaper
A5 - Little Lost Girl
A6 - Evi
B1 - The Kids Are Out Tonight
B2 - Giving Up/Caving In
B3 - Always Have And Always Will
B4 - Beauty Queen
B5 - Don't You Cry Over It
B6 - One Million Love Songs (This One's For You)