The Automatics - S/T LP (pink splatter vinyl)


Mooster Records ‎(MR031)

17 track Black Vinyl with Pink Splatter.

Debut LP from from this prolific Portland, Oregon 3 piece, originally released on CD only by Mutant Pop Records back in 1996. Choc full of classics and live favourites this release sees the band at their very best and i sa must have for fans of Mutant Pop and lo fi pop punk in general.

A1 - Dont Wanna Work
A2 - Hangin Out At EJs
A3 - Beth, Katy, And Brooke
A4 - Prom Queen
A5 - Happier Than You
A6 - Chewy, Chewy
A7 - Do The Fish
A8 - I Cant Cope
B1 - Lets Steal
B2 - Becky And The Girls
B3 - Destroy College Radio!
B4 - Hate The Human Race
B5 - Misfit Star
B6 - All The Kids Just Wanna Dance
B7 - She Likes Girls
B8 - Anything You Do
B9 - My Life Is Shit

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