The Budweisers - The Budweisers 7"

Image of The Budweisers - The Budweisers 7"


No Tomorrow ‎(NT082)
Family Spree Recordings ‎(FSR023)

4 track Black Vinyl 7"

With just one EP released on No Tomorrow Records in 1998, The Budweisers were a very short-lived Spanish pop punk band. Fast forward 20 years and they’re back, delivering a 2nd EP that sounds just as if it had been recorded a week after their now classic “My Girlfriend’s A Bonehead”. 4 solid gold melodic punkrock tracks FFO Ramones, Feedbacks, Weasel, etc

A1 - End of Summer
A2 - Over and Over
B1 - Rejected
B2 - Thinking of you

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