The Capitalist Kids - At A Loss LP

Image of The Capitalist Kids - At A Loss LP


It's Alive Records
Rad Girlfriend Records
Toxic Pop Records

14 track Black Vinyl LP

A1 - Not '95
A2 - Infinite Growth On A Finite Planet
A3 - Beginner's Finnish
A4 - Closer To You
A5 - Gender Binary Bop
A6 - I Gotta Hold On To You
A7 - I'm A Nobody (And Everybody Knows It)
B1 - On-Purpose Racist
B2 - Body Snatchers
B3 - Internet Anonymity
B4 - Minimum Rage
B5 - I'm Just A Normal Functioning Member Of The Human Race
B6 - Comin' Up Milhouse
B7 - State-Sanctioned Murder

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