The Chinchees - S/T LP (yellow vinyl)


Dirt Cult Records ‎(DC-076)

11 track Yellow Vinyl LP Limited to 300 copies

The Chinchees are a power pop trio from Minneapolis and their debut album is addictive—like, stupidly addictive. Eleven lo-fi jams laced with simple but thoroughly catchy hooks in the vein of the Marked Men, Tenement, Future Virgins, and Frozen Teens.

A1 - Hey Boy
A2 - Grocery Bag
A3 - You're Gonna Get Stung
A4 - Spoons
A5 - Gosling Day
A6 - Pocano
B1 - Melting Foam
B2 - Gorp
B3 - Everyone Knows
B4 - Animal Genies
B5 - Your Life Is A Waiting Room

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