The Copyrights - Crutches 7" (white vinyl)

Image of The Copyrights - Crutches 7" (white vinyl)


It's Alive Records (IAR#59)
Red Scare (CCCP 149-7)

3 track 7" on White Vinyl (300 copies) 2nd pressing.

Crutches is the first single from The Copyrights' newest album North Sentinel Island. Like all of their jams it is both instantly recognisable as a Copyrights song at the same time just different enough from previous works to keep you guessing where they are going with it. The flipside of this EP contains two demo tracks that didn't make the cut for the final recording of the new album; One a straight forward punk jam. The other a total pop ballad. A band that can nail it both ways is definitely doing something right.

A1 - Crutches
B1 - Current Event (Demo)
B2 - Sober Shell South (Demo)

listen to "Crutches" here