The Creeps - Old Crimes LP (split colour / splatter vinyl)


It's Alive Records (IAR-108)

19 track Grey/White Split Colour Vinyl with Black Splatter Limited to 500 copies.

Old Crimes collects all The Creeps musical output released as singles, EPs, and splits between the years of 2009 and 2014. The five songs that comprise the digital-only Our Time EP appear here for the first time on a physical format release as well as one outtake from the Follow You Home EP. This collection of songs documents a time when the band first strayed from the stalker-themed songwriting they were known for and continues through to what became a gateway into the band's current songwriting focused more on self-inflection of personal experience. Every release included in this collection is long out of print, which makes Old Crimes a great place for new fans to get caught up with The Creeps and old fans to listen to the history of progression they've covered throughout the years.

A1 - Cold Feet
A2 - Ready Roll
A3 - It's Not Right
A4 - Follow You Home
A5 - Shut Up And Drive
A6 - Shadows
A7 - Correction Facility
A8 - Creeping Me Out
A9 - Car Crash
B1 - On And On
B2 - You're Better Off
B3 - Strangle This Town
B4 - Bullets At Ghosts
B5 - These Walls
B6 - Grand Ideas
B7 - Move
B8 - Over And Out
B9 - Stagger Through The City
B10 - Our Time

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