The Criminals – Never Been Caught LP

Image of The Criminals – Never Been Caught LP


Dead Broke Rekerds (dbr-088)

16 track Black vinyl LP with download code and poster. Limited to 300 copies.

The Criminals' debut album, Never Been Caught, originally on LOOKOUT! RECORDS, now re-issued in all its punk rock glory at its new home at Dead Broke! The album was recorded at Catbox Studios in Oakland, California in January 1997 and was engineered by Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day), and features cover art by Jesse Michaels (Operation Ivy). Originally existing from 1994-2000, The Criminals have reunited in 2012 to tear shit up. Trashy, grimy, menacing & poppy punk rock like no other than The Criminals. Members of: BLATZ, THE GR’UPS, BLACK CAT MUSIC, THE FRISK & a million fucking more. Crime pays.

A1 - You Stupid Fuk
A2 - Never Been Caught
A3 - No Victim Here
A4 - Muerte
A5 - Dial H For Homewrecker
A6 - Signifigativo
A7 - Morning After
A8 - CST Bitch
B1 - Parlez-Vous Fuk You?
B2 - My School Sucks
B3 - Girl With A Hole In Her Heart
B4 - Criminal Rocknroll
B5 - Notes On A Barfbag (Final Approach)
B6 - I Feel Funny
B7 - Latex Drool
B8 - Get Over It

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