The Dazes & The Wimpys ‎– Greetings From Japan! 7" (red vinyl)


It's Alive Records ‎(IAR #26)

4 track Red Vinyl 7"

apan has been really good to It's Alive Records since the start. It's one of the few places that never gave up on traditional pop punk. As soon as the idea came up to do a record with a Japanese band or two, The Dazes and The Wimpys instantly came to mind. Greetings From Japan is total bubblegum pop punk boogie woogie rock n roll at its very sweetest. The Dazes and The Wimpys have been doing their thing for the better part of the last decade. There are a healthy amount of bands in Japan doing this and other over-the-top pop styles, but none do it better than these two. It's entirely likely you could get cavities just from listening to this record too many times.

A1 – The Dazes - Be My Popsicle
A2 – The Dazes - Heart On My Bumper
B1 – The Wimpys - Weekend Runaways
B2 – The Wimpys - She's The One (Ramones cover)

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