The Doublecross ‎– Keep Bleeding LP (orange vinyl)

Image of The Doublecross ‎– Keep Bleeding LP (orange vinyl)


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12 track Orange Vinyl LP limited to 300 copies.

Jon Greenwood (aka THE DOUBLECROSS) is back with his third album, following on from 2009 debut “Things Will Never Change” album and 2014’s “The Timeless Destruction Of The Doublecross”.

“Keep Bleeding” features twelve more gems from Jon, and shows the continual progression in songwriting. Some great stuff on here, go and check it out.

A1 - One More Time
A2 - My Only Friends Are Chemicals
A3 - Fireworks And Butterflies
A4 - The Stars That Never Shine
A5 - She Might Be The One
A6 - Bad Dreams
B1 - The Wire
B2 - Shattered Health
B3 - Hurt People Hurt People
B4 - 020814
B5 - Forever Pretending To Sleep
B6 - The Lake

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