The Fingersmiths – Come Clear LP

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Devil Records / KOTJ Records / Dingleberry Records / Dead Punx Records / Hovercraft / Sweet Grooves Records / Monster Zero ‎/ Borx Records / Ghost Highway Recordings / '59SRS / Magazine Club Valencia

12 track Black Vinyl LP.

Released by a load of labels this is 12 tracks of high-energy punkrock, for people that dig Ramones, Supersuckers, Los Ass-Draggers more of that crazy shit. Get the LP and dig!

A1 - Come Clear
A2 - Through My Window
A3 - Goose Bumps
A4 - Sweet Olivia Song
A5 - Way To Go
A6 - Forgotten And Forgot
B1 - Breath On Me
B2 - She Never Phoned Back
B3 - I Know What You Want
B4 - Please Don't Let Me Drown
B5 - I Can't Do It
B6 - Whimper In The Wind

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