The Gateway District ‎– Old Wild Hearts LP (rust vinyl)

Image of The Gateway District ‎– Old Wild Hearts LP (rust vinyl)


It's Alive Records ‎(IAR 72)

11 track "Rust" Vinyl LP Limited to 200 copies.

Sometimes the best way to find strength is to be mindful of your weaknesses. Sometimes the best way to move on is to commit your past to memory so you can stop reliving it and progress. Old Wild Hearts plays like a note to self on how to be grow strong and move on. Lyrically it can read as a total downer, but through the music its message is transformed into an empowering motivation to make a change for the better. Gateway District continue to do just that with this, their third full length album. With each new record they get better and move on. The familiar patterns of the past are still present, but only those that make way for improvement remain. Strengths are reaffirmed and expanded upon. Weaknesses are cast aside. Perfection is in sight, but perfect's gonna fail... but maybe not this time.

A1 - Go Home
A2 - Murakami Novels
A3 - When I Fall
A4 - The Cut
A5 - Sunken City
A6 - Speed Past
B1 - Break You Down
B2 - Tell You Why
B3 - Don't Mean Anything
B4 - You Always Let Me Down
B5 - Old Wild Hearts

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