The Morbeats ‎– The Great Song Of The Morbeats LP (red vinyl)


One Chord Wonder (OCW-009)

12 track Red Vinyl LP Limited to 175 copies.
All copies have different colours and different band photos so each is one of a kind. Also includes a 13 track CD with an extra song not on the vinyl vesrion.

Uptempo melodic sing-a-long garage punk from Italy featuring members of band such as
Anna & The Psychomen, Deloreans, Dave Dynamite & His Broken Hearts, The Photogenics & The Shits. I personally challenge you to drink 4 or 5 beers, listen to this and then try not to jump around your room like an idiot. You will fail.

A1 - Great Morbeats Show
A2 - Crushbug
A3 - Morbeat Girl
A4 - Hiroshima Was Nothing
A5 - Kings Of Stumbles
A6 - Watch My Back
B1 - The Great Songs Of The Morbeats
B2 - I Don’t Wanna Be Your Man
B3 - Love You, Want You, Need You, Fuck You
B4 - Guitar Donk
B5 - Goin' Back To You
B6 - Same Old Shit (I Love You, I Hate You)

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