The No Marks - Light of One LP (splatter vinyl)


Brassneck Records (neck009)

14 track Splatter Vinyl LP Limited to 319 copies.
Includes download code.

Debut LP from THE NO MARKS who are made up of a bunch of great guys from bands you should already love (BLOCKO, CROCODILE GOD, THE DOWN & OUTS). Following on from their 2 7" releases this album features 14 brand new songs of amazing melodic UK punk.

A1 - 16 Questions
A2 - Light Of One
A3 - Not Working
A4 - Breaking Out
A5 - Find The Fool
A6 - Dolly Mixtures And Dirty Jokes
A7 - Lighthouse
B1 - Curiosity Killed The Moment
B2 - Freak
B3 - Gregory Vignal
B4 - So Long
B5 - Outside
B6 - Asleep Tonight
B7 - I Will Not

You can stream/download the album here