The Putz - Hole In One LP (colour vinyl)

Image of The Putz - Hole In One LP (colour vinyl)


Moms Basement Records ‎(Mbr14)

16 track Colour Vinyl LP (some very limited varientss - see the dropdown list below for specifics)

Back in print for 2018. Originally released in 2010 on CD only. The album was fully remastered by Mass Giorgini at Sonic Iguana Studios.

A1 - Letdown Of A Lifetime
A2 - Not Giving In
A3 - Your Spacehship's Taking Off
A4 - Operation: Sneak Out
A5 - I Do (What I Want To)
A6 - Brain Dead
A7 - Summer's Here
A8 - I Quit
B1 - Institutionalized
B2 - You're Ugly
B3 - Once-A-Year Day
B4 - Idiot Over You
B5 - Don't Talk
B6 - My Girlfriend's A Bonehead
B7 - Bride Of Frankenstein
B8 - Hole In One

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