The Ratcliffs ‎– Bubblegum Warfare LP

Image of The Ratcliffs ‎– Bubblegum Warfare LP


Monster Zero ‎(MZ49)

12 track Black Vinyl LP.
It's on Monster Zero. It's Ramones heavy Austrian pop punk. It's just what you'd expect and that's just fine with me.

A1 - S.L.I.T.H.E.R.
A2 - Zombie Walk
A3 - Lil' Light Bulb
A4 - Swine Flu Outbreak
A5 - Too Many Issues
A6 - The Thing To Do
B1 - Chinese Whispers
B2 - Teen Wolf Again
B3 - Radioactive Queen
B4 - You Can't Break My Heart
B5 - Never Any Good
B6 - Camp Nowhere

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