The Run Up - S/T LP (splatter vinyl)


Real Ghost Records ‎(RGR-LP001)
Get Party ‎(GPR-027)
Amistad (AMI010)

10 track Blue Vinyl with Purple Splatter LP

The Run Up are a 5-piece melodic punk rock band from Bristol, UK who have carved out a strong reputation in their homeland scene, on the basis of their fun but energetic and passionate live shows. The band formed in spring 2014 and set out to have as much fun as possible. Along their travels the band have played / toured with Iron Chic. MakeWar, Wolves x4, Red City Radio, The Holy Mess, Nothington and have just returned from The Fest in Gainseville, Florida.

A2 - Busted
A3 - Line 'Em Up
A4 - Shark
A5 - More Colours
B1 - Learning Loss
B2 - Hurting So Much It Laughs
B3 - Before
B4 - Terrance
B5 - Sociopath's Salute

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