The Slow Death – Born Ugly Got Worse LP

Image of The Slow Death – Born Ugly Got Worse LP


Rad Girlfriend Records

12 track Black Vinyl LP

The Slow Death celebrate 10 years of "Born Ugly Got Worse" with a special anniversary vinyl edition on Rad Girlfriend Records. Remixed and Remastered thanks to Dan Jensen, this classic and long-out of print LP sounds better than ever. "Born Ugly, Got Worse" is still a whose who of midwestern punk rock including members of Dillinger Four, The Ergs, Dear Landlord, Rivethead, The Soviettes, and the list goes on and on. At the helm is the captain of the ship, Jesse Thorson. 12 songs in 32 minutes drawing on influences of working class Oi anthems, and No Coast pop punk fury. Sometimes rollicking and fun, often dark and somber, The Slow Death carved out their own niche of melodic punk with this record a decade ago and have not eased up for a moment since. Infectious punk anthems like this only come along every so often. In our current age and environment where the internet affords anyone the platform to be heard, Jesse's gravely croons and screams stick out where most fade into obscurity. Most people familiar with the genre are familiar with this record. This re-issue will satisfy the search for many record collectors as well as draw in an entire new era of fans. Imagine Cock Sparrer meets Lemonheads. Yeah, it is that good.

A1 Ticks Of The Clock
A2 Song 1 Side A
A3 Phantom Limbs
A4 Out Of View
A5 Stay High
A6 We Got It All
B1 Fuck You Nighthawk
B2 Sorry Sam
B3 Opposite Of Jesse's Girl
B4 Sleepin Somewhere Else
B5 Dirty Jokes
B6 Trouble Blues

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