The Snookys - Junk Food LP

Image of The Snookys - Junk Food LP


One Chord Wonder (OCW-009)

13 track Black Vinyl LP Limited to 150 copies

It’s fast…it’s short…it’s raw. Clocking in at barely twenty two minutes, ‘Junk Food’ really doesn’t mess around. The Snookys' sixth release, comprises of thirteen exhilarating garage-punk romps, only a few of which clock in past two minutes. At their most uncompromising, ‘I’m a Geek, You’re a Nerd’ has a speed and musical assault that places the band in a similar mould to many eighties hardcore punk pioneers. Its buzzsaw guitars and dumb humour seems particularly in line with D.O.A. – something most welcome – while the spiky ‘You’re a Bluff’ mixes a Dead Kennedys-esque speed with a choppier chorus riff that teases with a tough melody. All in all this is first class DIY punk.

A1 - Fat Guy Attitude
A2 - Actin' Good
A3 - Fire Alarm
A4 - Pidgeon
A5 - Cop Guy
A6 - Stab You
A7 - Not A Girl
B1 - I Can Only Wear Geox
B2 - Down In The Basement
B3 - I'm A Geek, You're A Nerd
B4 - Jizz
B5 - You're A Bluff
B6 - Nothing Can Heal Us

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