The Splits - II LP

Image of The Splits - II LP


Dirtnap Records ‎(ZZZ-136)

9 track Black Vinyl LP

The Splits and their music defy easy classification. They are the kind of band that can be well received at hardcore fests, and then turn around and go on tour with garagepunk bands. The band lists some of their favorites as Poison Idea, Testors, Dead Moon, Pagans, Wipers, Marked Men, and Varuas, all of which make sense after listening to the album.

A1 - Rotten Me
A2 - Two Faces
A3 - No Time
A4 - I Know
A5 - End Is Near
B1 - Melody
B2 - Death Song
B3 - You Don't Get My Love
B4 - On the 6th

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