Toxic Reasons - Independence LP (red vinyl)

Image of Toxic Reasons - Independence LP (red vinyl)


Beer City Records ‎(BCR186-1)

12 track Red Vinyl LP

Back in the early 80's. A group of guys from the Midwest started a band that mixed the newly developing offshoot of punk known as hardcore along with the already established sound of English punk. What they got was an excellent sound that no one at the time was doing. After many practices and shows and tours with other soon to be legendary bands like The Dead Kennedy's, Verbal Abuse, MDC plus many more. Toxic Reasons recorded their first full length. This is that record the old skool classic "Independence".

A1 Mercenary
A2 Drunk And Disorderly
A3 War Hero
A4 Noise Boys
A5 Riot Squad
A6 Ghost Town
B1 Killer
B2 Somebody Help Me
B3 How Do You Feel
B4 White Noise
B5 The Shape
B6 Rally 'Round The Flag, Boys

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