Traverse - Winter Songs From Summer Bruises 7" (white vinyl)


Brassneck Records (neck021)
BadMood Asso (BMA038)
Bad Wolf (BW04)
Fireflies Fall (FF002)
Deux Pieds Deux Dents (2P2D021)

5 track White Vinyl 7". Limited to 250 copies.
Includes 16 page photozine.

TRAVERSE are a melodic punk band from Paris. They include members of other great French bands like WANK FOR PEACE & THE HELLTONS. They are amazing.

This is their debut release and, amongst others, I hear hints of THE COPYRIGHTS, BANNER PILOT, RIVETHEAD & SCARED OF CHAKA lurking within the 5 diverse songs on offer. Whether you like those bands or not, be sure to check TRAVERSE out on the Bandcamp link below. You won't be disappointed.

A1 - Lights Off
A2 - Lifelines
B1 - All I Never Wanted To Be
B2 - Rooms
B3 - The More Miles, The Less Troubles

Listen / Download here