Useless ID / Topsy Turvy's - Split 7"

Image of Useless ID / Topsy Turvy's -  Split 7"


Jerk Off Records ‎(JO-0082)
Ratgirl Records ‎(RG-0030)

4 track Black Vinyl 7" Limited to 200 copies

Useless ID was asked by Red Scare to record a Swingin' Utters cover for their tribute CD some years ago because we fucking love that band. We also wrote a tribute song to our Japanese promoter "Unionway," where we praise our friends from Japan and also name drop a lot of Japanese HC bands so our side of this split is all about a tribute. Topsy Turvy's is a melodic punk band from Poitiers (South West of France). On this release, they play 2 indie/melodic punk songs recorded in 2017 with Caryl Marolleau. For fans of: Mixtapes, RVIVR, No Use For A Name, etc. Artwork by Ole O' Brian.

A1 – Useless ID - Unionway
A2 – Useless ID - Unpopular Again
B1 – Topsy Turvy's - All Roads Lead To You
B2 – Topsy Turvy's - I'm Bored To Lose

Listen / Download the Topsy Turvy's songs here