Wet Nurse ‎– So It Goes LP (green vinyl)


Recess Records (Recess#196)

12 track Green Vinyl LP

Orlando's Wet Nurse cranks out a sophomore gem right here! Power Pop, Pop Punk, whatever you wanna call it is fine. Regardless, it's greatly penned tunes with musicianship that's top notch. If you haven't seen or heard 'em yet, imagine Breeders / Ramones blasted out by fun and shy people. My kinda fools! This band deserves your attention right now!

A1 - Underground
A2 - Over It
A3 - Killz Me
A4 - Got You
A5 - No Control
A6 - Vacation
B1 - Girl Problem
B2 - Belly Hurts
B3 - Decay Away
B4 - Messy
B5 - Rat Race
B6 - The Spin

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