Woolworm / Grown-Ups - Split 7"

Image of Woolworm / Grown-Ups - Split 7"


Debt Offensive Records

4 track Black Vinyl 7" Limited to 300 copies.
Includes download code.

Wooworm from Vancouver have a driving post-post-post-hardcore meets shoegaze vibe going on and remind me a lot of early MBV filtered through your favourite 90's post-punk college radio mainstay (Gumball? Mercury Rev? Cell? The possibilities are endless!)

Calgary's Grown-Ups play catchy garage punk that wouldn't be out of place on a Recess Records sampler. This is sadly their final release, which is a true shame, but what a way to go out. IMHO "Pigpen" is one of the best songs I have heard in some time and it will not get out of my head.

A1 – Woolworm - Heathen Too
A2 – Woolworm - Very Well
B1 – Grown-Ups - Pigpen
B2 – Grown-Ups - Walmart

Listen / Download here