Young Leaves - The Pre-Rico Years (tape)

Image of Young Leaves - The Pre-Rico Years (tape)


Bloated Kat Records

24 track pink compilation tape.

Includes the 'Big Old Me' album (2007), their song from the split with The Fake Boys (2008), the 'Life Underneath' album (2010) & the Art Of The Underground 7" (2010).

A1 Shut Up
A2 Oh Well
A3 Van Morrison
A4 Big Old Me
A5 Look Sharp, Die Young
A6 Dusty
A7 Head Start
A8 So Much Better
A9 Familiar Faces
A10 Stapled
A11 New Year
A12 Web In Front
B1 Scumbag
B2 Boot To The Face
B3 How Badly Do Things Suck Right Now?
B4 Hey Man (Backup Plan)
B5 Sleepyhead
B6 Last Laugh
B7 Ugly Line
B8 Call Me Cal
B9 The Basement Song
B10 Life Underneath
B11 Am I Cool?
B12 Something Missin

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