Zatopeks - About Bloody Time LP

Image of Zatopeks - About Bloody Time LP


It's Alive Records (IAR-77)
Monster Zero (MZ-28)
East Beat Records (East Beat 007)

12 track Black Vinyl LP.

About Bloody Time is the third album from the Zatopeks and it's been a long six years since their last album. To say it's about bloody time is an understatement.

Never a band easy to describe or categorize, Zatopeks are back with more of their own unique interpretation of punk rock that is unmistakably theirs alone. Mixed parts pop punk, classic 77 style, rock n roll, and folk all come together as a style instantly recognizable to fans as the Z boys' classic sound, and sure to make a lasting impression on those hearing the band for the first time. And just as every previous album of the Zatopeks found the boys stretching the mould and adding new elements, so too does About Bloody Time.

Powerful, poetic and insightful lyrics are an integral part of what makes a Zatopeks song. Will Deniro continues to improve upon his past achievements and make a lyric sheet a must have part for the complete package. It's quite a testament for a lyricist to be as interesting as word on paper as he is as voice on record. Will's brilliant at doing just that.

A1 - One Evening
A2 - Alert!
A3 - The Romance Of A Bus Stop In The Rain
A4 - Politics
A5 - Acetate
A6 - Neu-Isenburg
B1 - Wait For The Fall
B2 - Chequerboard
B3 - Exile Blues
B4 - Baltic Moon
B5 - Mechanised
B6 - Life Is Elsewhere

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