Among Legends - Take Good Care LP (colour vinyl)

Image of Among Legends - Take Good Care LP (colour vinyl)


Rad Girlfriend Records
Little Rocket Records

13 track LP on mystery colour vinyl

Among Legends are from Ontario, Canada and bring a fresh positivity to the punk scene. The songs highlight the band's knack for catchy, powerful songwriting. The production is also top notch. The band possesses heaps of DIY work ethic and that, combined with their passion for music, leads Among Legends to create upbeat, happy music with a goal to change the way people think about the pop-punk genre.

A1 Five Years
A2 On The Line
A3 Magnolia
A4 Oceans
A5 Come Up Swinging
A6 11318
B1 Baywatch
B2 Days Like These
B3 Greyhound
B4 Rigged
B5 Manifesto
B6 Monochrome
B7 Highrise

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