As Friends Rust - Greatest Hits? LP (colour vinyl)

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Shield Recordings

14 track Yellow/Red mix Vinyl LP

Formed in 1996, Florida's AS FRIENDS RUST delivered energetic, melodic hardcore. Often compared to Dag Nasty or Avail, and in later years Samiam, AFR found themselves at the intersection between several genres, making them not only difficult to pigeonhole, but infectious to listen to.

Fronted by Damien Moyal, also of Culture, Morning Again and (currently) On Bodies, AFR, lyrically, was endearingly honest and approachable, and - in a manner quite uncharacteristic to the hardcore scene at large - surprisingly personal. Combined with songwriting that effortlessly blended punk rawness, hardcore urgency, rock n' roll riffage and indie rock production, AFR was a refreshing break from the increasingly bland 90s hardcore scene so fraught with dogma and chugging metal.

Until disbanding in 2002, AFR churned out several highly celebrated EPs and one LP, and spent every minute outside of the studio in their van, bringing anthemic singalongs to cities across the US and Europe.

In 2008, AFR reunited for one show in their hometown of Gainesville, Florida, followed by a handful of shows in Europe, and in 2014 they got together again to play four shows in Japan. 2015 sees AFR returning to Europe to play the esteemed Groezrock Festival, and they'll play Brooklyn, NY on their way out of town.

"The Greatest Hits?" CD/LP release is an assortment, curated by the band, of the best material from across three lineups, six releases and six years.

A1 Encante
A2 When People Resort To Name Calling
A3 Ruffian
A4 Home Is Where The Heart Aches
A5 Half Friend Town
A6 Like Strings
A7 Coffee Black
B1 The First Song On The Tape You Make Her
B2 Perfect Stranglers
B3 We On Some Next Level Shit
B4 Laughing Out Loud
B5 Won't Be The First Time
B6 Born With A Silver Spoon Up Your Ass
B7 More Than Just Music, It's A Hairstyle

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