Bong Mountain - The Battle Of Bong Mountain LP (splatter vinyl)

Image of Bong Mountain - The Battle Of Bong Mountain LP (splatter vinyl)


Rad Girlfriend Records
Little Rocket Records

10 track Blue Vinyl with Black Splatter LP

Chock full of upbeat bummer jams that could only be inspired by the gloominess of midwest winters, the loss of your beloved pet(s), disappointing your loved ones, and just the general malaise of everyday existence... yet somehow the album makes you feel warm inside just like the sweaty basement shows that inspired you to really dig into this whole punk thing in the first place.

From the noodly guitar parts of 'Top Ridge' to the heartfelt and appreciative final words of 'Sheer Manor' this album is flawless (in my professional opinion).

A1 Top Ridge
A2 Prove It
A3 Black Cat
A4 Waterwold Of Watercraft
A5 Swan Song
B1 Best Weed on the Internet
B2 The Big Show
B3 Madison
B4 Hot Potato For Teacher
B5 Sheer Manor

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