Slagheap – Slagheap LP (orange vinyl)

Image of Slagheap – Slagheap LP (orange vinyl)


Spurge Recordings

8 track Orange Vinyl LP

Recorded in 5 hours at Bristol's Invada Studio. This is a sound forged in the crucible of hospitality jobs and in some cases the womb, these four women are bound by laughter, humour, and a shared need to process whatever the fuck is going on in the world right now. Shunning virtuosity in favour of vociferousness, they dance around in their pants singing songs of joy and confusion at each other ....and one of Louder Than War's 50 new bands for 2019!

A1 Power Shower
A2 Horsey Girl
A3 Nothing To Say
A4 Love Island
B1 Catherine's Pranging Out
B2 Do I Do I Do I?
B3 Meme Me
B4 Love Island (Phone Mix)

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