Grand Collapse ‎– Empty Plinths LP

Image of Grand Collapse ‎– Empty Plinths LP


Don't Trust The Hype / Epidemic Records / Mass Productions / TNS Records / Urinal Vinyl Records

12 track Black Vinyl LP

'Heavy, intense, and instantly engaging UK hardcore. The guitars dominate this release—heavy mosh metal chugs interrupted by melodic leads that manage to land organically between Euro-crust and mid-’80s Mould. GRAND COLLAPSE is fast, sometimes even sounding like they finished writing a song and consciously decided “that’s cool…faster would be even cooler” (they were right). Empty Plinths is an injection, hard to not feel fucking amped after listening.' - MAXIMUM ROCK N ROLL

A1 Waves
A2 Pontificus
A3 Sullen Fever
A4 Panic Room
A5 Pouring Scorn
A6 Amygdala
B1 National Detective Programme
B2 Dock
B3 Claret Thirst
B4 Without Let Or Hindrance
B5 Empty Plinths
B6 Fucked Up State

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