Vic Ruggiero & Kepi Ghoulie - After The Flood LP (blue vinyl)


Eccentric Pop Records
Stardumb Records

12 track Blue Vinyl LP

Vic (The Slackers) and Kepi (Groovie Ghoulies) are back with their second album together, celebrating their love for roots, rock, and tradition. They play each other's songs, as well as deep cut covers of legendary artists. This album represents the happiness and joy of two long-time friends creating art for no other reason than an appreciation of life. The result is a fantastic blend of good old rock-n-roll-rhythm-n-blues, pressed on bright blue vinyl!

1. Break My Heart
2. Sugar Coated Love
3. Do Unto Others
4. Bright Lights Big City
5. Carly Simon
6. Great Big Kiss
7. It Wasn’t Me
8. The Highwayman
9. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
10. Oh, Baby (We Got A Good Thing Going)
11.Bring Her Back
12. Great Big Kiss (Reprise)

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