Mononegatives - Apparatus Division LP

Image of Mononegatives - Apparatus Division LP


Big Neck Records
No Front Teeth Records

12 track Black Vinyl LP

London, Ontario's MONONEGATIVES deliver 12 tracks of raw punk meets new wave/synth-punk on this high-anxiety smasher of a debut LP with a modern-day ripping lo-fi punk sound. All in all, this is a highly original and fascinating take on punk rock meets new wave that's dark and discordant yet also full of bouncing energy.

A1 Stilted Entrance
A2 Reality Is
A3 Living In The Age
A4 Neighbots
A5 Trauma Tourist
A6 Deeper Pockets
B1 Circuits In View
B2 Atbash
B3 One Way World
B4 Career Attitude
B5 Todays Adult
B6 Silicone Warmth Routine

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