Roughneck Riot - Burn It To The Ground LP (clear vinyl)

Image of Roughneck Riot - Burn It To The Ground LP (clear vinyl)



12 track Clear Vinyl LP

Roughneck Riot have been hammering the roads in the UK and mainland Europe since their inception, earning a reputation as a hard-working and well travelled live tour deforce. Staunchly anti-fascist and anti-dick head, the motive of internationalist solidarity is needed more than ever. After a spell of recording and recuperating, and a further enforced spell of quarantine, Roughneck Riot are restless and snapping at the ankles.

A1 We're Still Here
A2 Stay Awake
A3 A New Day Is Dawning
A4 Don't Count Me Out
A5 Lampedusa
A6 Cognitive Dissonance
B1 Burn It To The Ground
B2 Tired Eyes
B3 We've Already Lost
B4 The Reckoning
B5 No Cure For Us
B6 Fuck's Sake

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