Candy Now – Karmel Knowledge LP (random colour)

Image of Candy Now – Karmel Knowledge LP (random colour)


Rad Girlfriend Records
Greedy Worldwide

6 track LP on Random Colour Vinyl

Blag Dahlia returns as writer, producer & arranger of another installment of his Candy Now! series, this time a new LP. Teaming up with producer Andy Carpenter and another one of your favorite famous, but unnamed female mystery vocalists, Candy Now! delivers an incredibly powerful and socially conscious record of funk, rock and empowerment. Unlike the previous LP which combined 60s garage and 70’s pop, Karmel Knowledge is a soulful mixture of punk and funk. This LP is a real achievement in musicianship and songwriting. All you have to do is look at who’s thanked on the back of the record. See if you can figure out who the singer is! FFO: The Bellrays, Bad Cop/Bad Cop, The Dwarves.

A1 Time's Up
A2 Hear Me Knockin'
A3 Don't Give It All Away
B1 No Stopping Us
B2 New Dawn
B3 I Had A Dream

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