Maladroit – Real Life Super Heroes LP

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Monster Zero
guerilla Asso
Slow Death

12 track Black Vinyl LP

Maladroit are back with a brand new album, full of super hero inspired songs! This is the punkrock you all need today. Witty & gritty, poppy and outside the box, Maladroit has been a beacon of poppunk and continue to do so. Forest Pooky is now a full-time member, and Merel from Lone Wolf has a cameo appearrance. Do it Forest, Olive, Till and Cham, save the world, one one-finger solo at a time!

A1 Turn Green
A2 Go Toxic Avenger
A3 I Peed In My Batman Costume
A4 Day Drinking
A5 Super Villains
A6 Another Boys Club
B1 We'll Never Make It To The Bronze
B2 Operation Poison Ivy
B3 Easy Peasy
B4 To The Batcave For Cocktails
B5 We Are All Superheros
B6 Rich Assholes Won't Save The World

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