SPELLS - Loose Change, Vol. 2 LP


Big Neck Records
Keep It A Secret Records
Motorcycle Potluck Records
Snappy Little Numbers
Shield Recordings

18 track LP on either Blue or Red Vinyl (each limited to 300 copies)

This LP contains early SPELLS material that has gone out of print or was only released digitally. This is the second SPELLS collection album and many of these songs are making their first appearance on vinyl. Each track has been expertly remastered for optimal aural stimulation. Also, SPELLS Rules!

A1 I Don't Want A Legacy
A2 En Vogue
A3 Outta Control
A4 I Want Fun
A5 Bustin' Out
A6 Starch Ideas
A7 A Failure's Wake
A8 Livein' In My Head
A9 I Don't Feel At All
B1 Deceiver
B2 I Wanna Know
B3 Big Boring Meeting
B4 No AC
B5 She Wants To Die Before I Do
B6 Tom
B7 (You Can't) Drag Me Down
B8 Run Away
B9 We're Desperate

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