Coughin' Vicars – Ritual Discipline LP

Image of Coughin' Vicars – Ritual Discipline LP


Akram Records

11 track Black Vinyl LP

Coughin Vicars are a 5-piece band from Liverpool U.K with over 20 years' worth of blood, sweat and tinnitus in the local DIY punk and hardcore scene. Playing homage to the first wave of Northern post punk whilst rattling the chains of the L.A's Dangerhouse and Death rock scene. The bands pedigree can be traced back through noise makers such as SSS, Narcosis, Withdrawn, Cold Ones, Salem Rages, Corrupt Moral Alter, and Twin Galaxy to name few. The band have three now out of production self-released cassettes which are to be released on 12'' vinyl later in the year via the ARKAM records imprint.

1 Neu Realm
2 Redefined Zero
3 Karma Rumination
4 Effigy
5 Arachnid Eyes
6 Ritual Discipline
7 Mass Morbidity
8 Shatter
9 Art Damage
10 Empty Halls
11 At The Cost Of Your Skin

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