Broken Cogs - S/T 7" (blue vinyl)

£2.00 - On Sale

Brassneck Records (neck011)

4 track Blue Vinyl 7" Limited to 306 copies.

Includes A4 lyric sheet & download code including an extra track not on the vinyl version.

Debut release from South Wales' BROKEN COGS. A great new punk band featuring members of THE PROPAGUMBHIS, RADIO ALICE, HIPFLASK, THE STRIKE FADES, etc. Pissed off, socially conscious melodic hardcore. Like the stuff you used to love before every man and his dog started trying to emulate Hot Water Music. Anyone who bought the recent ARTCORE FANZINE #33 will have heard them on the included tape/download. To be clear, this does not sound like HWM. At all.

A1 - Hitch The Noose
A2 - We The Cattle
B1 - Hellbound
B2 - Draw It Out

Listen / download here