Beatnik Termites - Bubblecore LP (pink)

Image of Beatnik Termites - Bubblecore LP (pink)


Hey Suburbia

14 track Pink Vinyl LP Limited to 500 copies

The second album from the masters of Ramones meets the Beach Boys surf-punk is finally reissued on vinyl so you don't have to pay those crazy Discogs prices for the original. I know I'm happy about that, you should be too!

A1 I Don't Wanna Hang Around
A2 You're All Talk
A3 Girl I Know
A4 Shit, Fuck
A5 I Don't Wanna Be Bad
A6 Skateboard
A7 You're The Only One
B1 You Make Me Sick
B2 Circles
B3 Eddie's Got A New Zit
B4 Can't Pretend
B5 Jailbreak
B6 Beach Girl
B7 Don't Tell Me