Charlie Brown Gets A Valentine - Dismissed LP (colour)

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Bloated Kat
Waterslide Records
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14 track Random Colour Vinyl LP

Originally released on CD only in 2003, this is the much needed vinyl release for Charlie Brown Gets A Valentine's "Dismissed" album. A perfect slice of early 21st century US pop punk featuring members of Dead Mechanical, Festipals & Sea Lillies. This is one of the best albums of the era and, if it's new to you, you need to check out the bandcamp link below and then buy yourself a copy. If you already know these songs, you won't have even read this far before smashing the "add to cart" button.

A1 Cluttered
A2 Avalanche
A3 Aesthetics Of Vice
A4 Caffeine At Night
A5 Best Early Morning Buys
A6 Forget Tonight
A7 Commencement
B1 February 6th
B2 Dismantling Goodbyes
B3 A Different Red Line
B4 Idle
B5 Swan Stream Drive
B6 Instruction From Her Hero, A Young Woman On Guitar
B7 Special Style

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