Coronary - The Future is Now LP (colour)

Image of Coronary - The Future is Now LP (colour)


Rad Girlfriend Records

9 track Random Colour Vinyl LP

The debut LP from Chicago hardcore band Coronary, “The Future…is Now”, is a tempest of raw energy and unapologetic defiance. Tracks like “Let’s L*nch the Klanlord” and “Traditions of Hate” stand as manifestos of their ethos and spirit that define both band and the album. Coronary’s lyrics confront the systemic racism, oppression and hatred that persist in the supposed “Land of the Free”. The songs are direct challenges to the status quo, daring the listeners to open their eyes to the reality around them. Coronary’s debut is not just a collection of songs, it is a statement of purpose, a pursuit of truth, a vehement objection to oppression and a resounding call for change. They rip apart the veil of apathy and demand the listener to confront the uncomfortable truths that shape our world. Pressed as a one sided LP with a laser etched B-side. Art by Wall of Youth. FFO: Hewhocorrupts, Municipal Waste

01 Cop Thought
02 Future Ruin
03 Suffer The People
04 Cut Out
05 Traditions of Hate
06 Violent Era
07 Let's Lynch The Klanlord
08 Victim of Truth
09 More Than This

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