Corrupted Morals - Think About It LP (silver)

Image of Corrupted Morals - Think About It LP (silver)


Lavasocks Records

25 track Silver Vinyl LP Limited to 250 copies

Corrupted Morals are an East Bay hardcore band best known for ther releases on Lookout! Records in the late 80s and this is an expanded reissue of the 1986 demo tape that started it all.. Featuring the full demo tape along with a vinyl exclusive recording of Corrupted Morals live at Spanky's on April 15, 1987.

A1 Mad Reign
A2 Second Chance
A3 Big Man
A4 Quality Control
A5 Money Goes Round
A6 No Assholes
A7 No Place To Hide
A8 Think About It
A9 Go Home
A10 What?
A11 Selfishness And Greed
A12 Welcome To Reality
B1 Big Man
B2 Quality Control
B3 I Don't Know
B4 What
B5 Peer Pressure
B6 No Place To Hide
B7 Corrupted Morals
B8 Power
B9 No Assholes
B10 Where Is He?
B11 Mad Reign
B12 The Adventures Of Edwin Meese
B13 Be All You Can Be

Listen to the original demo on Youtube