Custody - 3 LP (colour)


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10 track LP on either Purple (110 copies), Orange (179 copies) or Turquoise (211 copies) Vinyl.

It's been 4 years since the release of their previous album at the height of Covid, but now CUSTODY are back with album number 3 and you can pre-order it today.

Finland's Custody have been delivering perfect melodic punk since their debut 7" in 2015. They're one of those bands who, while always retaining a sound that is distinctly theirs, have managed to grow with each album. "3" is no exception. It would be impossible to continue without using words like "anthemic" and "Samiam", but there's more to it than this. The melodic guitar interplay, soaring crescendos and powerful vocals are still here in abundance of course, but the bass is playing a more prominent role and Sami's voice is as good as he's ever sounded. File this one under essential.

A1 We Lack A Color
A2 Share The Bruises
A3 Hollow Times
A4 Supermarket
A5 Undercurrents
B1 Fall Off The Wagon
B2 Walk With Me
B3 Head Like An Ocean
B4 Embrace The Mess
B5 What Do I Really Know

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