Daryl Gussin - Malt Transit & Mass Liquor - tape

Image of Daryl Gussin - Malt Transit & Mass Liquor - tape


Brassneck Records (srts-01-03)

11 track tape Limited to 50 copies in total.

30x blackberry purple tapes
10x red glitter tapes (only available from Brassneck)
10x multi-glitter tapes (only available from Daryl)

The third release in the Brassneck Short Run Tape Series is a compilation featuring the diverse and varied works of LA's Daryl Gussin. Probably best known to most as a member of the RAZORCAKE family, Daryl is a writer and musician who has been awkwardly standing around at punk shows for the last twenty years. At some point in his late teens he thankfully decided to become a little more productive and has been working on zines and playing in bands consecutively since then, doing time in the groups included on this tape. His writing revolves around the honest, bittersweet, and ultimately triumphant aspects of DIY punk. Community over commercialism, create and destroy.

A1 - God Equals Genocide - Stranger's Dog
A2 - Spokenest - Whisper
A3 - Marriage Material - Someone Else
A4 - Black triangles - Crossed Out
A5 - Doghart Trio - Tie Your Shoes
A6 - Ah Fuck - Alone In A Cusp
B1 - Bird Strike - I'm A Punk
B2 - Desidia - Bring It
B3 - Marriage Material - Day By Day
B4 - Marriage Material - See Me
B5 - Thirsty Thursdays - Eatin' Vegan: Too Hot For The Podcast

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