Disaster Jacks - Tales From The Living End 10" (splatter vinyl)

Image of Disaster Jacks - Tales From The Living End 10" (splatter vinyl)


Filferro Records
La Agonía De Vivir
Last Exit Music

8 track 10" Blue Vinyl with White Splatter mini LP

8 new HC/Punk smash hits on blue splatter vinyl: The new DISASTER JACKS 10” has it all!
DISASTER JACKS return with their third release TALES FROM THE LIVING END after two years of forced break. A title that expresses that the band has a lot to say despite the hard times and is now setting out again to mow down their world with their 1a skate punk with all sorts of hardcore influences! On one song there is vocal support from Cecilia & Frieda (THE BABOON SHOW)!
The band was formed in Barcelona in 2005 in a classic trio line-up with guitar, bass and drums and has toured throughout Europe for the past 17 years.

A1 The Mirror
A2 Say It Loud
A3 Lost In The Crowd
A4 Monster In Sight
B1 Trapped In
B2 Upside Down
B3 One More Night
B4 Someday