Disco Lepers ‎– Sophisticated Shame LP

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Dead Beat Records

11 track Black Vinyl LP

DISCO LEPERS continue to hit that tattered, festering vein rattling the same snotty, thunder-punk nerve as the GAGGERS eargasm to heaven.

DISCO LEPERS brilliantly spew 11 rabid scuzz-punk rippers like the the nastiest elements of the Vomit Pigs, Satans Rats, The Victims, The Dickies and The Lewd while totally carrying their own sound and doing it better than most.

Nasty stuff as expected here from members of THE GAGGERS and MISCALCULTIONS! As long as Terminal Gagger and Co. continue to puke out cruddy blasts of homemade genius like this, count me in!

A1 Tazer Date
A2 Suspect The Youth
A3 Chloroform Love
A4 I'm Contagious
A5 Chew You Up
A6 Self-Basting
B1 God Bless Mark David Chapman
B2 Anonymous Choker
B3 Carbon Black
B4 Teenage Sniper
B5 Open Sores