Even In Blackouts – Romantico! LP (yellow / pink vinyl)

Image of Even In Blackouts – Romantico! LP (yellow / pink vinyl)


Stardumb Records

16 track Yellow & Pink Marbled Vinyl LP

Formed in 2002 by John 'Jughead' Person of Screechng Weasel fame, Even In Blackouts are back from a 10 year hiatus witht heir new album Romantico. A passionate, fast paced, humorous, sad, and joyous look at their lives over the last decade.

A1 Intro to ROMANTICO!
A2 Pissing Poison
A3 Doubt Part I
A4 Doubt Part II
A5 Blood
A6 I Can't Swim
A7 The Denouncement
A8 Grow Hole
B1 Outro to ROMANTICO!
B2 Intergalactic Space Travel
B3 It Was The Good Times
B4 Intention In Tension
B5 Reason
B6 It's Not So Hard
B7 Killer Bear
B8 The Kindness

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